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Hands down Ilili. Owner is originally from Lebanon as well and goes above and beyond in detail - architecture, ambience, service, food.


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Just a heads up since you are a lawyer. 99.99999% of L&T attorneys only represent landlords. OPs only option will be to call OTA or if they by chance qualify for a low income lawyer to reach out to one of the pro bono groups (who can be helpful - especially when facing an imminent eviction - although they will request a case number for proof). There's literally one tenant attorney that I know of who only reps tenants and I wouldn't really recommend them (having used them in one instance).


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Your lease was legal with your landlord (the "master tenant"). It is the master tenant who is in breach of their lease with the property owner (if they didn't get permission to sublease). There really is no way for a subtenant to know if a master tenant has received permission to sublease. Contact OTA.

Have you been paying your rent? Hopefully something can be worked out with the management company once OTA is involved.