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I believe this (FAA delays) is what caused him to get impatient and spout his mouth off about Twitter and then get forced into buying it.

Tesla is in a build out phase. SpaceX operations are smooth sailing. So SpaceX development is the only thing that can hold his attention right now.


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LOL. Both instances show how easy it is to attach a foreign world and makes me laugh when Sci Fi shows aliens who travelled across the galaxy to get waster their time landing and taking us on head to head. They could easily sit out in the asteroid belt and push rocks at us. But that would make a very short movie.


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Solar system consumed and vaporized, some shit in the Ortt cloud might remain. We kill most life within 20ly with radiation.

The Sun WILL go red giant and consume Mercury and Venus, debate on Earth being consumed or just boiled down to the bedrock.

All around Sun big and powerful, bad things happens with it fails to keep its shit together.