LeicesterHoult t1_jdxxngn wrote

My wife saw the flash walking outside as well, I stepped outside and heard 4 or 5 booms. I love listening to thunder...that didn't sound like thunder.


LeicesterHoult t1_ixrwvgr wrote

It really feels like you can’t put any stock in the official numbers anymore. I and everyone I know got covid in August when the state and city numbers were flat. Also no one reports when they have it, so almost all cases go unnoticed.


LeicesterHoult t1_iu4oeb2 wrote

Tried Akida for the first time and was very impressed. Something about the slightly shabby exterior and interior had me a little nervous, but the fish was very fresh tasting and I think reasonably priced for very good sushi. Very quick and polite staff, too.

Also tried Chewy's bagels. They make a very good breakfast sandwich (better than Nate's, I think), but I think Nate's still has the best bagel over all.