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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acted illegally by announcing Thursday that he would involve himself directly in his government’s moves to change the country’s judicial system, Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara told him in an open letter Friday.

“Last night you publicly announced that you intend to violate the ruling of the Supreme Court and act contrary to the opinion of the legal advisor to the government,” she wrote. That statement, she said, “is illegal and contaminated by a conflict of interest.”


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Israel defence minister said on Saturday that “we must stop the legislative process”

“The growing social rift has made its way into the army and security agencies. It is a clear, immediate and tangible threat to Israel’s security,” said Galant, who is a member of Netanyahu’s own right-wing Likud party.

Edit: he was just fired.

Edit2: his sacking caused mass protests and riots around the country.


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The difference between Likud and the far-right has been minimized substantially over the years (during Bibi's leadership).

From Bibi's point of view, these people will let him do anything, including assuming dictatorial power.

And his voters are more extreme than he is, so most of them are happy with this far right government.