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I think the most important ones for iPhones are the lightning port, wifi, and cellular. You can technically reset or manage an iPhone with those 3. I don’t really see how putting wifi, bluetooth, and cellular on one chip is that much of a risk.

Cellular is pretty useless already for updating or restoring backups. It is technically possible but not really that big a deal.


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People should get this in their heads:

  1. Manufacture cost should always be as low as possible without dropping in quality.
  2. Sales price should always be set to whatever price will make the most money. Too high and people will buy something else. Too low and you’re missing out on profit.

Sales price is separate from manufacture cost.

As a consumer you have the choice to buy or not to buy. People complaining about the high price of iPhones just seem crazy to me. Nobody is forcing you to buy the latest iPhone. Smartphones are cheaper than ever and you can get phones that are good enough for <200.


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> When we encountered a similar problem last year, we found a simple solution: block the undesired traffic from these apps. Even so, we continue to serve about 100TB of “Access Denied” pages monthly!

It says in the article why blocking isn’t a good solution either. They are still DDOSing, whether they are blocked or not.