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Found the person who hasn't gone to social media groups for moms. They are craaaaazy.

I get stressed out just reading them. I've stopped subscribing. There are three categories of stress: the stress of seeking out advice for a scary situation, like you say, but then there are two more: the stress of women in terrible situations (abusive husbands, not enough food to eat, lost their jobs, about to be evicted, that kind of terrible situation) and the women who are actively abusing their kids and call it "love" or "fighting the power." You know the types -- the ones who think doctors are secretly killing babies for an unknown cult, so they refuse to take their kids to the hospital, the ones who use silver and boiled rose petals to treat their kid's ear infections, put eggs and onions in socks instead of using medicine, and who PUT BREAST MILK IN THEIR INFECTED KIDS EYES.

The social media groups include pictures, by the way. There was a picture a mom shared of her toddler masturbating, asking "is this normal?" and the kid's face was visible to all 30,000 members of the social media group before the mods took it down.

These groups are crazy, not kidding, just go to r/Mommit or r/ShitMomGroupsSay and your stress levels will shoot up too.


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I have an alarm on my phone that goes off every 45 minutes. I take 3-5 minutes to stretch, walk, or climb my stairs. I also walk before work, during lunch, and after work. A few hundred steps here or there really add up.