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> Number 3 is a perfectly reasonable reaction when some dude you don't know jumps in the back seat of the car while you're asleep

What, did the kid think someone was jumping in to steal the car something? lol. The kid had one cop inside the car and sounds like the other was being dragged while reaching in the window or something. You're giving this guy a lot of benefit of the doubt. He knew he was in a stolen car. He saw cops. He tried to run. Oh he also had a gun on him. That's all "perfectly reasonable" behavior for a criminal, you're right.

The idea isn't that he "deserved to die" for "not complying", it's that he got himself killed because he committed a bunch of dangerous crimes.

Couple other things: the ACTUAL victim of the crime, the person whose car was stolen, is a single mom with four kids who works two jobs in addition to going to school herself. This kid didn't care about her, you think he cares about the police (or you?)? Dead guy also had a 5 month old baby. Sounds like he didn't care about that either.

His mom cried at the scene, “You’re supposed to protect us. He was only 17!”. The cops were protecting everyone else from this waste of life, mama!

"Nee Nee Taylor, a community activist with Harriet’s Wildest Dreams, a mutual-aid and community defense organization, was at the scene and criticized the shooting. “Why are police officers getting inside of a vehicle?” she asked. “And why didn’t he just get out?""

Yes, "why didn't he just get out" is also a good question for the now-dead criminal!


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You're really hung up on this sleeping thing as if that somehow makes a difference. The car was stolen, so you get arrested for that sort of thing. And if you're the type to not comply with the police (see: dumbass dead 17 year old), cops are going to have to come into the car to detain you. Shame for us all, really. We're down one future business leader of America here.