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I feel thr same thing as r/gifsthatendtoosoon. Dude we were right at the climax! I totally thought the loss of translation was gonna force a display of the beginning of a natural universal language in an attempt to be understood


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Yup, 10/10, definitely classic Jackson

What I'd like to know, in the field of Djinnology, is how far does the reduction go? All numbers of dollars are the same, how about different currencies, or at what point is a resource liquid enough to be a currency? Or is it just intent like you say, so if you intend to wish for some weird shit just to sell it, it counts as currency? Would superpowers be divided into categories, or all together, and would enhancing normal abilities to naturally possible levels count? Does enhancing charisma with the intent to find love count as wishing for love? Maybe not, since you can wish for the means to acquire precious metals.

More importantly, did the MC just ban all ctrl Z wishes? Or perhaps discover that undoing things isn't reduced. Because that could lead to a quest to find the guy who wished that no wish could be granted twice, or that the genie is reductive, and the right wording to undo that wish. Maybe time travel to a time can't be done, time travel to a person can't be done, but using a different sort of anchor is fine.


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I don't have a full answer, but webs are very calorically expensive, and most spiders will eat their webs to recycle the material if they have to leave or rebuild. It's almost pure protei

If a spider happened upon the web of a dead spider, I'd imagine it would either eat it or just move in if it's suitable.