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At the end they wanted to clear storage space.

I think they could make a great controller. The problem with the steam controller was that they were too stubborn about the touch pads.

I'm glad they learned. You can see that on the Valve Index. The first prototype controllers they publicly showed were with big TouchPads and no thumb sticks. Awful. They kept the little touchpads but honestly full sized thumbsticks would have been better.

The steam deck showed a continuation of the process with the touchpads topic.

I think valve is now ready for a proper controller. They are not stubborn about touchpads anymore.


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Dont sell this as THE SOLUTION against any kind of chemicals. That's a fairytale you can tell people who have no farming knowledge.

How long does this thing take for even just 1 acre?

Now scale that up to a proper farming size.

Even if that problem would be solved you have the next issue that you can only used it as long as the plants are small.

This is meant for a small garden.


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I don't even know what was wrong with the old pins.

Sure, you would need 4 of them but this leads to the questions why such a high power draw.

The 4090 at 70% of the power limit performance in games on avg 7% below the max power limit. They released a gpu that is stock already past the efficiency limit. Graphs clearly show that. That's usually the OC range. If you up the wattage from stock you gain like 2%. If you go past the efficiency you hit a wall where you need exponentially more power to increase the performance slightly.

It's a waste of energy, hands you just little performance with the risk of burning the power port and cable.

The only reason to do this is that the last few percent might give you the edge over the competition. Still we know if AMD beats them they come up with new gpus.

It's stupid. For casual users it should be right at the end of the efficiency range while past it should be a thing for people that are into OC. There are tons of people who don't touch a thing and run it stock. They won't and often don't even know about the way better efficiency if the simply lower a slider a little bit.

The positive for the consumer is that the coolers are made for the high tdp means if you lower it the gpu runs really cool comparable to undervolting 30 series gpus.