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>If you’re already old then you will probably stay that way.


Νο one is working on stopping metabolism from creating damage, but instead reversing aging. Whether it's Aubrey de Grey's damage-repair approach, Altos Labs' Yamanaka based cellural reprogramming, etc.

It's called rejuvenation medicine.


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>If the infection destroyed some neurons, those don't grow back. CNS neuronal damage is permanent.

I still wonder why I had (and have) worse motor distance latency than sensor distance latency at the test my neurologist did before EMG, which is called "Nerve Conduction Study". Abnormal values. The EMG results were ok.

He asked me if I was exposed to toxins as a I child.

Initially I thought: maybe rapid development during puberty contributed to the stretching of nerves affecting those just like stretch marks? But then why would it only affect motor speed and not sensor?

Probably it has something to do with what you wrote. Irreversible damage/death of neurons due to childhood illnesses or something. Why motor and not sensor is an open question, could be different parts of the CNS affected.


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The cryopreservation techniques are getting better. We didn't have vitrification up until a few decades ago.

And the research continues.

The society of cryobiologists used to reject scientists who practiced cryonics, and now its president is Greg Fahy THE cryonics guy.

MIT TR uplooaded a somewhat non biased article about it recently.

Wikipedia's article is trash because a conservative clown keeps removing new info added and conveniently keeps his questionable "sources" that are against cryonics.