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I hated disliked CCR when I was a kid. Particularly because their, music was somewhat country flavoured, the other reason was for a few years, you couldn't go to a sock hop at school or turn on the radio (and that's all we had) without having to listen to CCR.

Love them now of course because they were such a big part of the best years of my life. Life is complicated. :P


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Most of these shows also help spread myths about the danger of sharks, making them out to be much more dangerous than statistics show. In effect these junk shows help demonize an animal where things like catching them and killing them for entertainment and killing them just for their fins has become acceptable.

People are the real danger and the blight on this planet....not the animals.


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In two different years over the past 4 we have lost enough forest in each year to cover the entire state of Connecticut. Yes we try to put them out. Because unless we have have lots of rain they will continue to burn, as they have been doing in Washington and Oregon states as well. We have all been having record setting dry periods and if left to burn they will not stop burning. These forests are not Bambi forest with clear spaces under a beautiful canopy. When these go up they go up. If we let them go we'd start to run out of trees to cut down.

Please take your one size fits all amateur degree in Forestry from Bermuda somewhere else. There's been people here who have real degrees who have spent their lives in these forests trying to come to grips with the preservation and the prevention of the devastation we are seeing and breathing for 4-5 months out of the year.


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The province is 365,000 sq. miles with most of it dense forest. There's no possibility of managing flammable material to reduce risk, and when it burns during what are turning out to be longer dryer periods, it burns completely.


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Interior of BC Canada here. Have lived in the interior of the province since 1966, and have never seen or heard of forest fires and fire seasons like the ones seen over the past 16-17 years with the more recent being progressively worse. A couple of recent years have each seen enough forest burned to cover the state of Connecticut completely. Living with smoke through 5 months out of the year isn't good for anyone never mind the changes to the already over harvested forests and how this along with deforestation by fires will affect local climate.


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It's seasonal in part for sure coming up on the winter months, generally it slows down some with people much less inclined to be disturbed by showings and the prospect of moving a household in the middle of winter.

However the economy isn't getting any better. Major corporations are laying people off, consumer confidence is taking a hit and corporations are sidelining any capital expenditures and expansion as the cost of borrowing goes up. This is what happens (as it is intended to) when interest rates go up to combat inflation.


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Worked night shift at a large Canadian Grocery chain store from 11:00PM to 7:00AM. We had an electrical crew scheduled one night because they were having issue with the main power feed coming into the store.

As I pulled into the store parking lot it was black, no store lights no parking lot lights....nothing. I roll up and one of the guys I work with is being helped into the store. He had just been attacked by two guys as he was getting out of his car. They wanted the car and he didn't like that idea so they roughed him up some and pepper sprayed him right in the face and eyes. They didn't get the car though. :)

This was no coincidence this happened the only time this store and it's workers had been left outside in the dark. I had never ever seen any sign of or heard anything like this sort of thing at the store the in the 7 yeas I had been showing up there every night at 10:45 pm.

Shitheads love the dark. You want to keep shitheads away from your home, keep porch lights on, front and back and even better..... install motion sensor lights. :)