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When we are learning, we are LEARNING. That is not fake. So choose one thing at a time to learn and grow in. Then authentically work on it with grace and forgiveness. New ways of being take a long time. Life habits are worth shaping, and you are not faking it. You are learning it. You can feel really great about that! And keep in mind, if you really want grow in an area, that potential is already in your heart. It is real and a part of the authentic you even if you have not mastered it yet. And forgive yourself for your shortcomings. Name them. Forgive them out loud in the mirror. Forgive yourself so you can bless those around you more.


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In a gathering, if you are worried a bout what other people are thinking about you, don't. They usually aren't thinking about you at all. They are thinking about what people are thinking about them.

In life, sort out what you value that is life giving for yourself and others. Then put focus and energy into that. This is authentic. Bless others. This is healing. Make your contribution because this gives purpose.

And here is a trick. If you are worrying about how others think of you, simply focus on truly hearing others and caring about them. If they feel heard, they will love you. And keep in mind that we can learn something great from ANYONE. So it is worth hearing people out.


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Self-honesty is tough. Look in the mirror. Stare into your own eyes. Ask, "who is this person?" Confess out loud one thing you would like to improve. But don't stop there. Confess one thing that you like about yourself. Be honest. See what happens when you stare into the abyss of your own soul. It can be very scary, but it is healing. Honesty.