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A quick google search found me a list of comparable luggage trackers (
If you scroll down on that link, the 'LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker' seems to fit the exact description I'm going for.
It's small/black, has a high power magnet built in (makes it easy to stick under cars), 4G LTE SIM card capabilities (allows for data to be transmitted once every 3 seconds), and has a battery that can last 1 week - 6 months in low power mode... All for $30 which is the same cost as an Apple Airtag.
Your point is that you shouldn't have to defend yourself because apple made an easily exploitable tag... Which is valid; but my point is very much true that stalkers who care about getting away with tracking you probably wouldn't use a tracker that alerts people It's there if you have a certain phone or get an app. They'll use one like I described or one more capable/expensive and track you with that. This technology isn't as new as you think it is 🤷‍♂️


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If you don't think you should have to download a free app, I don't think you'll be inclined to purchase this device either.
Also; tracking people like this isn't new technology. There are many other brands out there like Tile with less safety precautions which would be better for stalking.
I get people are getting stalked regardless; but it has to be at a WAYYY less rate than more covert trackers.


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I got a $460 used RTX 3080 a week or two ago. I was skeptical, but I benchmarked her and she runs exactly at spec! 😁
I know $460 isn't chump change in this economy, but the card still sells new for $799.99, and used it's still easily $550-650 so I think I did alright 🤷‍♂️
Like everyone in here is saying tho; it's bewildering what people are willing to pay for high end specs.
This is my first technical 'high end' gpu purchase and with how the market is looking; I'll be holding onto her for a loooooong time before my next upgrade. And even then I'll be seeking the used market.
I was getting by fine with a used GTX 1650 Super before this that played most of the indie titles I like no problem, and most every recent release at 1080p medium/high settings (some games did run horribly however and my rig was starting to show signs of age, but most of those games I could turn a setting or few down and she'd be running like a dream again).
I only got this to play Elden Ring at 1440p with a decent FPS and to go back and play the meme of a game Cyber Punk since I payed for it and haven't touched it since release.
Overall tho if I wasn't able to snag a decent price like I did; I woulda stood with that 1650. I had a bond with that card; it was oddly fun seeing what games she could play and tuning the settings to fit her spec everytime I launched up a new title. That and there's a different level of satisfaction you get when you kick the enemy teams ass on mid/potato spec computers. It's like a double ego boost for yourself. 'I'm so good at the game I could beat you with 15-30fps' 😬😂
Edit: To go more off what you were saying tho; more people definitely need to consider AMD. I had a RX 580 I no longer needed that I gave to my sister for graphic design; and it still holds up nicely at 1080p medium/high with modern games in 2022.
If I didn't give that to her cause I scored another rig with that 1650 I mentioned for the low; I woulda still been using that.
AMD > Nvidia when it comes to buying new. But if you can buy used and get a deal on an Nvidia card; don't feel like that's a bad option. They're great cards for gaming; just a tad overpriced putting it mildly.
I will say tho; most AMD products are moreso better in raw specs which only translate to gains in performance in environments like rendering software and synthetic benchmarks.
It's kinda the reason why people still lean Nvidia/Intel if they can get their hands on em when they're tryna build a gaming rig... well that and historically 'better' driver support. But that's subjective and AMD seems to be doing a better job over the years supporting older GPU's so that point can be taken with a grain of salt.
All that being said; AMD is a great alternative for the price to performance they offer. Increasingly so because of the price gouging companies like Nvidia are guilty of.


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Merely a Suggestion Retailers... idk I'm having a hard time coming up with a word that accurately describes their price gouging tactics in one word that starts with the letter 'p'... a bit harder than initially I imagined 🤔
I'mma leave it up to reddit; yall figure it out! 🤷‍♂️✌


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That and people who fail/drop out of harder pursuits such as the BAR exam usually teach this subject (or history) as they have (most) all the credits necessary to transfer majors.
I had a teacher like this; felt so bad for the dude.
Tried to become a lawyer cause his mom pushed him to be like his older brother. Went to one of the top schools in the US; but he quickly found out he didn't have the chops or the will to keep pursuing this major and dropped out. He said his choices of jobs using his current credits and not going back to school; essentially amounted to history/sociology teacher... so that's what he became.
To add insult to injury (at least at the time I had him as a teacher); he was classified as a substitute and got paid 13k a year for a school who has a teacher on tenure who was milking maternity leave for well over a year and a half according to him.
Dude was getting fucked royally and at the expense of the kids too. Man didn't get paid enough so he litterally had 2 additional jobs after school (he was a soccer and MMA coach surprisingly); so he almost never came in with a prepared lesson plan.
I remember just about everyday him googling a lesson plan related to what we were learning and we'd just go along with some video or assignment someone else made. Shit even grading was a joke; he'd have us make our own rubrics and then have us grade ourselves lmao.
God bless that man tho, he was a good dude who was trying his best. Hopefully he's getting paid what he deserves now; but yeah this is how you end up with teachers sometimes 😅🤷‍♂️