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The SCC’s hands are completely tied because decades of legislation sponsored by Dominion have declared various projects “in the public interest.” In fact, we know exactly what we are building over the next 9 years - 5.6 GW of wind and 16.1 GW of solar (plus like 1.2 battery storage or something). While I personally supported the legislation that led to this, the SCC is forced to approve this amt of new development.

Now Dominion is also trying to force the SCC to approve small modular reactors, which are fantastically expensive and pretty much still in the R&D phase (which there is plenty of federal money to do). Not to mention wildly unnecessary considering how much generation potential we are in the throes of building. Tell your legislator to vote no on HB2333 and HB2197.


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This is lame and we should prevent utilities from passing through costs like these. But the other intent of RGGI is to fund programs like flood resilience, weatherization, and energy efficiency. All kinds of data out there showing the return on investment is (generally) much higher than the cost. That said yes fuck Dominion.


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On Manahoac land in Clarke County. Going to do a long hike and grab a beer at a local brewery before we prep our yearly pre Thanksgiving Soup Night.