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Was called for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I went, because it's what everyone should do. At 730a there's plenty of parking in the courthouse lot. I had breakfast before, but there was a cart that sold pastries and coffee, but they only take cash. You will be offered water and there is a restroom available in the jury pool. You can play on your phone or bring a book to read. You have to watch a video all about jury duty and how important it is. It's reminiscent of the pre ride videos at Disney World. Then the judge comes out and thanks you, tells you to expect delays, but they're working very hard to get you out as soon as they can.

In my case because it was the last court day before Thanksgiving, all cases scheduled for that day settled and we were dismissed by 1030a.


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Hasn't really saved me much money considering inflation in the last 2 years.

However, it HAS given me more sleep and more time to do things like laundry, grocery runs, etc. So I am more refreshed and have more me time on the weekends.


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Because it violates the first amendment's freedom of and from religion. If the state requires you to pay more for one religion's holy day and not any others', it is violating the separation of church and state. Removing this and increasing min wage across the board is ultimately the right thing to do.


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The free stations are on business properties used to lure people to their businesses or as a perk for employees. They are slow charging stations that would take 4 hrs to charge completely. The electricity is paid for by the business that owns that property. Fast charging stations that charge in about an hour are all paid for by the consumer.