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It’s nice that you reference the protest we led without attending. We stopped being the victims of violence at local rallies when we announced we would be legally armed.


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Lemme know if you want to get up. I’m on twitter: Lilcoqui84. I can show you everything beautiful about the city. Parkville market is where you begin for lunch!


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In fact, I’m on video screaming at a cop who was about to taze my friend in 2020 and I warned him I was filming. The mayor came on the highway with us.


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No they haven’t. The Connecticut historical society has an entire archive. Lol. We provide our own security and West Haven police broke a man’s spine in 2020, denied me my asthma meds in 2021. They just beat on Gordon Cox from Shelton. Etc.


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Funny cause the marches were announced after the parks closed and John Street is mostly business and on the south end, not the north end. We’ve been following a truck on John Street tho, we believe he may come into the city to buy drugs. We have his plate number and he usually parks behind the legal buildings.