Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9prha9 wrote

Yeah this hobby is not really cheap. But the weird thing is that I don't really see these things you praise. I'm starting to feel like I got a defective unit or something. When I tried the sundaras everything felt so textured and I could make out so many little details. But with the he400se I'm sure they're not gonna compete with the sundarad but they just sound cheap. I really have no way to describe them except for cheap and low resolution.


Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9numgo wrote

Wow thanks for the detailed answer. As far as I can tell its not a quality control problem. I tried to eq them but I just couldn't make them sound good no matter what I tried. Maybe it's something personal but I just really don't understand why people praise them so much. Also I find over ears much more comfortable than iems.