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I really hope Disney+ is done with the whole "powerful person loses powers and has to rely on smarts and personal growth to prevail." That's not a well you should keep going back to, just to save on CGI.


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I was the first one through the door at my CVS to buy a COVID test today! Negative, but also very sore from all the coughing. Caught up on TLOU a few hours ago!


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Um, I would say do not get vegan kimchi. It is not even close to being as good. It's also an acquired taste. If you like sauerkraut, you probably will like kimchi. Otherwise it helps to heat it up by searing it in a stirfry or something like that. Radish kimchi can be really good, but napa cabbage is where it's at.

Along that line, there's a kimchi shortage in South Korea currently, and I think that's impacting the quality of what gets exported.