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Tom Scott makes amazing engaging videos, but he gets so many things half right that I kinda want to call him QI the YouTube guy.

I love QI, and they ask such great questions, and have smart funny people on to talk about them. Might well call them Tom Scott the TV Show, for their likability, and interesting topics, and humor. But man they get so many things wrong. Which, thankfully, they lean into as the show goes on, as Allan Davies often loses points for simply stating as fact something that was stated as fact on previous episodes, and in fact was just wrong.

Tom Scott, on the other hand, justs leaves his misunderstandings out there without comment. I still love his videos, but it is very much buyer beware as to whether he gets things right.


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It's more than that, as other tropical islands do not have the same amount of rainbows, though they have the rain and sunshine happening.

It is that the islands are new (Big Island is still growing) and so the mountains are still high enough to make all the rain fall, at increasing altitude all the way up the mountains. So pretty much all the time rain is falling somewhere on the windward sides but it is up the mountain so sea level still has clear skies so the sun can do the light bouncing around in rain drops thing to make rainbows.

On the windward side, there are mountains and rain and waterfalls and rainbows. On the leeward side there are near desert conditions and few rainbows. Hawaii has a couple of places with over 400 inches of rain a year, with basically the most rain outside of places that have seasonal monsoons.


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> This isn’t an entirely accurate statement. Chimborazo is the mountain that is farthest from the earth’s core and closest to the sun due the earth’s centrifugal bulge.

But centrifugal is a false force /s

Chimborazo is a perfect example that people who say centrifugal force is a false force really need to close mouth, sit down.


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> Considering that one of the proposed methods of keeping people away from toxic landfill sites in the distant future is to setup a cult that keeps people away from "the sacred sites", actually I don't remember where I was going with that, but it reminded me of it.

You would love to listen to Joe Walsh interviews.


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Humans have as much hair as any other great ape.

>humans are not really hairless at all. Per square centimetre, human skin has as many hair follicles as that of other great apes. The difference is not in the number, but in the fineness of the hair that grows from those follicles.


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Watching orcas just throw seals in the air because they could was a reminder that there are also sociopathic animals.

Orcas scare everybody, everywhere.