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You forgot the part where she’s fine handing that information out to private companies as well ….

But that’s gotta be some kind of thin justification for “I don’t want to have to do the same stuff everyone else running a business has to do”, which makes more sense, but is an even less defensible argument.

For anyone that isn’t aware - If you own property, it’s a bit too late to claim to want to be off the grid. Unless you really nest that shit in a complicated network of shell companies and whatnot, it’s all in the public record and easily discoverable to anyone with the right websites and a little bit of patience. She’s not going to be any more or less findable than she already is.


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If it helps, I’m running a vintage machine, and I’ve never done anything special to find vintage-focused shops when I want a tune up, and they’ve all gone just fine.

I think I did Steve’s Sew & Vac many years ago because it was near my husband’s work and haven’t needed to tune up again until recently, when I took it to a shop by my work outside Wilmington.


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I mean, Philly’s always kinda looking for an excuse. We’re a tetchy bit of business.

But the way it’s unfolding in this case is very much one of those “dumbest timelines” bit of mess. On multiple fronts - there’s people going apeshit to buy more water than they’d realistically run through in 3 months, and I’ve also spent the afternoon explaining to others that boiling and Brita filters won’t fix it, and they still don’t care because any inconvenience now is worse than actual catastrophe later..

It’s genuinely wild how inconsistent we are, as a species, at evaluating risk and responding appropriately


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As someone that’s in a position to just like, buy water from the next county over for a bit, and who knows full well that they don’t need to riot in the Shop Rite aisle (where y’at now Jeff Brown?) …

…. Where do i contribute to the bail fund for everyone going absolutely apeshit at the grocery store to redirect them to the raiding the Trinseo, Trinseo corporate ownership, and various exec homes of water cooler bottles and shit?

I’m not paying extra for water. I don’t even like water. But I will absolutely shell out to see everyone going batshit at the grocery store today show up to do the same at the offices and homes of everybody accountable


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I wasn’t trying to get out of it, but I was once asked if I knew anyone who had been sexually assaulted and I said that I know more than 6 women, so yeah, I did.

Got kicked right to civil trials for that one, where they put me on a jury there (which I was fine with, as my work has paid leave for jury duty).


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Oh! I get what you’re saying now. I’m talking about cars without inspection and registration stickers on the windshield. Even before the bill, they were so routinely stolen off plates that nobody got pulled over for that unless cops were looking for a reason to make a stop.

And this article is about plates. Not stickers.

Now, if your windshield stickers and your plate are fucked, they should still be able to theoretically look up the VIN and issue a ticket that way. And part of issuing tickets should involve looking for stolen plates and plates that don’t match the vehicle. But they don’t. And if the VIN is unreadable too, if there isn’t a law ok’ing a tow, there should be. There’s no actual reason this can’t be handled as a ticket.


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She’s not a legislator, so it would be impossible for her to accomplish anything legislatively. Her only power is research into city departments and releasing findings and recommendations.

But her audits have been excellent resources for others; the Inquirer’s expose of the PPD’s abuse of the Heart & Lung program was built in part on her department’s auditing.


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It’s a bit of a haul and you’ll want to wait for slightly better weather, but beaches are good spots.

Lots of beachgoers coins, sometimes jewelry. If you go to beaches that get sand dredged in, sometimes shipwreck and lost at sea bits (I did this as a kid with my dad and we found a big metal antique plate once).

Plus, the digging is easy.


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I keep hoping that someone will steal my catalytic converter because it’s been fucked since the day after the warranty ran out, and insurance to replace it would be cheaper than the fix.

But no luck, and I’m going on almost 190k miles now. So the trick is maybe to have a bunch of trash covered in dog hair in the backseat? My husband is always bragging about how tidy his car is, and he had to get a new one.


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I think the thing to look into there, if this data holds up, is correlation/causation.

I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that someone battling a third COVID infection had other health risks as well that made infection and hospitalization more likely.

It’s anecdotal, but when it comes to people I know (all vaccinated) that have had COVID more than twice, or more than once in a relatively short time, every last one of them has some pretty substantial pre-existing health issues unrelated to COVID that also made them more susceptible and made their recovery harder.


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If you are, we all are. It sounds like it’s going to be a large, higher end sports bar. Which there’s probably going to be a clientele for?

I don’t get why they’re not leading with and focusing on that instead of promoting themselves as a place where you can do something that you can literally do in any bar in the city.


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State Senate Republicans are still trying to litigate the 2020 election to undermine voting operations. They had sued to get access to every voter in the state’s partial Social Security numbers, drivers license info, and other confidential information.

The court just told them that they could keep trying, but they weren’t going to get help from the courts.


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I report things around my neighborhood on a regular basis (I’ve got a busted streetlight in the queue right now).

The last street issue I reported was a massive ditch left by installing utility lines for new construction. The lines were in, but the infill had settled and the ditches were half filled.

Took about a week to get a response and the response was that they’d be out in something like 45 business days, which was a disappointment. It did eventually get done after a few months though.

I’ve had pretty good response times on other issues though.


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Possibly? I definitely grabbed the first link that showed up on Google (on mobile, halfassing it on my way out of work), which may not be the only option.

I can tell you that it’s being managed by a dedicated but small team that maintains a reasonably active onsite presence, but is underfunded and would be justified in winding down public operations during months in which too few people were willing to be outside and in buildings with no temperature control for extended periods.

So it’s possible you’re out of luck this time around. But I would do a search beyond the first hit link I found to make sure. I’d even add that I’ve had good luck emailing organizations like this - I’ve scored many a private tour (not from here specifically, but from similarly sized and smaller organizations) at only a slightly higher than normal donation rate from someone that was going to be there anyway. You wouldn’t get the older ladies that reunion for the tours - but you would get a pretty custom, private tour of an unusual place.


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It’s super easy to explore with a tour.

I’ve been there for both day and night tours. The day tours are pretty cool and give you access to locked parts of the campus.

I’d have to imagine that you wouldn’t be able to see shit at night without making yourself easy to spot, you’d be likely to hurt yourself on the grounds without a flashlight (there’s lots of constructiony areas and uneven ground), it would be hard to tell which buildings are safe to enter and which aren’t, and a lot of the spaces that are the most interesting to explore are the ones they’ve prioritized making accessible, so they’ll be locked up.

Plus, if you’re really looking to catch the wild stuff, a lot of the tours include former employees. Bunch of old ladies that got hired in their 20s, whose entire inventory of fucks to give and capacity to be grossed out was burned out of them by 30. There’s nothing you can see there in the dark that beats watching two old broads compare notes about how to get human shit out of your hair before your husband gets home.