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And, then she quit! Just like my dog would.

Whenever I’m afraid of my dog running away, I remember she doesn’t run.

She has been referred to as “porcine” in shape.


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Ya, exactly. I straight up fell off of roofs, drunk, without a scratch or bruise. Yea, plural. Not in the same night, but still.

The level of shit kids can get up to is beyond stratospheric. And, then you add booze or other inebriation and it’s that much worse.

Groups of kids (I’m using kids loosely at this point, for people under 25) can be a double edged sword too. I was at a music festival and saw a wook climbing a piece of art. Before I even processed the view ahead of me I said “it’s time for another good idea, bad idea” and then the guy fell from a height and I saw him break (probably shatter) his femur. It took the ambulance an awful long time to arrive.

My first thought once I processed was “where were his friends?” Because at the end of the day, the people you’re out partying with are the same ones you have to be able to rely on, and well, so much of the time…. What if someone said “hey Kyle, don’t”? Maybe they did, but I bet the odds are lower than they didn’t.

Statistically, something will happen to someone, but there’s no need to increase your own odds too much.


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> Two teens on spring break were killed Sunday night in a sledding accident in a closed area of Copper Mountain Ski Resort in central Colorado.

They took an unapproved device to an unapproved route and experienced the reality of what "the worst" that can happen was. Their poor parents. Snow sports are already so dangerous, this was really bone-headed.

Dear kids who will go on future excursions unchaperoned: you are your brother's keeper. If you see/hear friends about to go do something extremely dangerous and stupid, try to stop them. Peer pressure works both ways. I sure hope there weren't a pile of teenagers waiting on them at the bottom, or at the top for their turns.


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Sort of. It’s so much more complicated, though. If you send water to an aquifer you didn’t mean to, you’re basically giving up your right to that water. If it happens a lot, you do lose it.

Where water comes from and goes in this part of the country is a big deal with many details.

Towns mismanaging it to this extent is more like a feature than a bug. Speculators get morons elected so the town loses their water and then the water is up for grabs. It’s happening all over southern Colorado right now.


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I did read the article. This person seems to be doing this on purpose to test these very systems, so the system will have to adapt, as it always has. I'm not saying that it will be a good or bad outcome, just that there's an adaptation here that isn't unique to this circumstance. We've already seen it and will continue to see it, so it's time to adapt.

I don't know the perfect solution, but I do know that trans here is being used in a lot of ways by a lot of people and if the solution is to make more sections for more genders, then so be it. If there are more than 2 genders in society, then there are more than 2 genders in prison, so it's time to re-imagine imprisonment in a non-binary world.

Or, they get jailed alone. Does that mean more predators will say they're trans once convicted? Maybe, but at a certain point these institutions are going to have to learn to deal with these nuances. Maybe they have some non-violent offenders it's time to let out to make room for people trying to use gender issues to get an easier prison sentence.


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Frankly, I don't care if it was a Lesbian Eskimo Midget Left-Handed Ninja Albino Rapist. The only term I'm concerned with is that last one. No need for all the other identifiers. That's just meant to make people believe there's anything different, but there's not. A predator is a predator.


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Right, u/hillbilly-sasquatch. That’s why you replied a bunch of times as if it was your job, and clearly have a little band of accounts to follow you to do the same. That’s an awful lot of effort and it’s obvious. 😂😂😂😂

It’s as if an alert went off and you were required to be in the thread. You wrote as if you knew Feldman personally. First names from the beginning, the rest of us know him as two names. Do you have a rational explanation for why you came to a thread and started talking about Corey Feldman like someone you’ve known for years?

If you aren’t getting paid, you should try getting a life, because this is a really weird way to spend a Friday night.

You might actually watch the documentary you’re commenting on the thread for (I bet you have, any time it gets posted, astro turfers come running. Brock taught Steve bannon all about it). Brock Pierce was a Hollywood sugar baby darling for Bob Villard - a Hollywood pedo who got convicted but still sells pics he took of young boys on eBay (but you knew that). Brock was part of the pedo network “digital entertainment network” and went on to start IGE, which was an early game currency seller. Now he’s in crypto, because scammers gotta keep scamming. He fled to US to Spain for a while to evade charges just like Roman Polanski.

I know all that because of the litigation he faced when IGE was handed to Steve Bannon by Goldman Sachs after a law suit in the 2000’s. Really, I was just a gamer gawking at drama back then, but amazingly, in the years since, Brock Pierce comes up over and over again. He founded tether with his buddy from the gaming currency days (Jonathan Yantis), now he pretends he isn’t affiliated (because, obviously, tether is operating like FTX et al, it was never truly 1:1).

But, by all means. Keep pretending this is all bullshit and that deriding your old pal Corey changes any of it. Were you in the collins-rector mansion shaking it for old men with Brock back in the day? Are you also a victim of old men who likes to abuse boys? Because that’s the company Pierce keeps - old men into abusing boys, and boys to abuse.

Be brave. Come forward.


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What happens is this: parents who manage to breast feed tend to gain a sick sense of superiority and go around telling everyone else it’s the best. Not because they’ve done any new studies or gained any further data - it is based completely on egoism. The fact that you did it means you’re doing everything “the best” therefore….you’re the best!! Yay! Best parent award!!!

Because they really believe it, even if it isn’t true. Then, they seek any bias to confirm that belief.

This is literally what you’re doing. And in a public forum, no less. That’s how convinced you are. 😂

Linking to the guardian isn’t gonna change that, just like it never changes anything else. 😂😂😂


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Right, but you didn’t birth them. Right? You’re the father? You don’t lactate, right? So maybe reserve your judgement about those who do. That’s all I’m trying to convey to you.

You’re a father, that’s great, but you’re not a person who has had to actually experience what women go through when a baby doesn’t latch. Maybe google that and take a listen to some of their words. It’s disgusting how they get treated and it isn’t even in their control.

It’s best if the baby is fed. Keep your opinions to yourself. You worry about your babies, let others worry about theirs. When the topic comes up in casual conversation, don’t pretend to be an expert like you did here today.


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You still didn’t prove “it’s best if it comes from the breast” with this trope. I get it, you believe that, but your belief isn’t necessarily true.

There’s a cult around breastfeeding now just like there was corporate pressure to formula feed when you were a kid.

They BOTH extol health benefits that aren’t proven. They BOTH try to insist they’re best.

It’s a shitty, divisive topic, and it’s just ignorant for anyone to come along and state, as a fact, that one is better than the other for [reasons].

Just stop. You’ve got your foot basically down your throat. Consider for a moment that there isn’t a side to pick, here, so maybe you simply shouldn’t. That’s the big lesson from this “debate”. It’s that there isn’t one, just advertisers and the media trying to make people feel like they should. Don’t fall for it.

Mothers are under so much fucking scrutiny from day one. Stop adding to the pile.


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Thanks, doc!

Yea, ketamine has a super quick tolerance build (recreational experience). I guess the dose schedule for testing is such that you can't give them a day or two in between? That might could help, but I get it if it doesn't fit with the experiment design for [reasons].

Is the xylanine for immobility? I imagine ketamine isn't an overall iwin button for sedation, considering the k-holes I've seen some poor saps go down where they're still standing and even dancing. But, hey, their respiratory rates are fine, after all. XD


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When ketamine was being used recreationally in the 90s, kids would tell one another that it caused brain bubbles and all kinds of myths.

It turned out it was useful for depression and may assist in helping with myelination of damaged neurons. Not only that, but compared to other anesthesia, it's less taxing on the system - it doesn't cause the respiratory changes other anesthetics can or tachycardia, that sort of thing. It's a pretty remarkable thing.

So, assumptions are a difficult thing to really make. I think the brain bubbles myth was such an assumption. I'm not saying this stuff could be good, I'm just saying assumptions and drugs don't always line up.

Ketamine was also used specifically for recreation, not as a cutting agent.

Xylazine appears to be used specifically as a cutting agent in opiates, so it's probably just a cheap as shit sedative, no one is seeking it out on its own. In animals it's used with ketamine, so it probably adds something ketamine doesn't cover - muscle movement, etc. They're likely not at all comparable.

Xylazine is a Phenothiazine while Ketamine is classified as a general anesthetic.

I am not a doctor, I just like drug topics.


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Videos they already knew where to find:

> The “brother site” previously hosted video of the mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, in May that left 10 people dead, according to an archive of the page that was viewed by NBC News. Links to the site were quickly shared on the extremist sites 4chan and 8kun (formerly 8chan) in the days after the shooting, where the site and video were discussed.

So a site hosts that garbage and it just gets taken down? They don’t find the host? Well then.