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I think there might be a rebound effect with longer living individuals. Especially if we can mix in restoring fertility on top of anti-aging. For a lot of people, not having kids is a mix of never finding someone to have kids with as well as establishing for themselves a stable future to raise any, which isn't happening within 20-30 years anymore.


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My 5-years ago self would be disappointed, just as his 5-years prior self was disappointed, just as that one's 5-years prior self was disappointed.

I've practically done nothing worth remembering since I turned 18.


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>You'll get your shit together in your early 30s like everyone else, don't worry.

Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary.

Many 30 somethings are still drifting, so I wouldn't say "like everyone else." Especially those groups that graduated around 2008, or anyone that haven't found themselves in a relationship and friends because they just can't seem to find anyone.


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Not sure they could positively spin eating bugs.

They could however, make eating bugs out to be owning the libs and get at least half the population on board. The same half that would sooner see the atmosphere burn before giving up pork and beef at that.

I make no apologies for my previous statement, as I'm under the impression lefties are more likely to go vegan/bugs than the right. Gotta know what you're dealing with when you propose massive societal change.


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It's not anxiety, Chief, I just don't want to do chores/work I'm uninterested in.

Having a frequent, consistent deadline has done more than anything else, but because it causes anxiety and sucks all the fun out of procrastinating.


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They're already using AI in some fields like rental pricing to squeeze as much from renters as they can and undoubtedly is already in use for gas pricing, if their advancements in the art fields isn't enough of an indication of their abstract analysis capabilities. No reason to believe that can't extend to the sales of tools, food, and other goods. Going to be wild if people are trying to calculate which hour of the day is the best time to go buy milk.

Mostly, if the job comes down to ensuring the bottom line only ever grows, expect a sophisticated automatic calculator to at least look like a very enticing option over a person the board has to pay 7+ figure bonuses to.


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And we expect it to happen, so we put a plate and/or another shell below them.

Meanwhile in the real world, we expect it to happen to people, but they're actively taking away the already tiny plate and backup shell.


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They least they could have done when they cut down the tree to make a quick buck was plant a new seed, even if we have to be the ones to nurture it.

They chose to hoard every last cent, now we've nothing to make a buck from. They can now all die just as broke from poor future investments and without a care from us as we're too busy planting new seeds and looking forward to taking all their stuff in the meantime.


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I'm motivated by money and ease of work. Everything else is secondary.

Leadership that's burning with passion and involvement is only motivating when they feel like they're taking care of their people and an actual part of the team, not shallowly hyping up their abused and underpaid workforce to beat some metric so they can collect a bonus said workforce won't see a penny from.