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Honestly, while that is definitely an issue, even greater is the danger of feeding realistic fake videos via social media. People will believe whatever they want to believe, but now they have a video proving that Bush orchestrated the 2001 attacks on the WTC / Moon landing was filmed in a studio / Obama is secretly gay / insert your de-stabilizing video here.

There are already products to detect fake videos / images but:

a) there's no money in it (or at least, a LOT less than making fake videos)

b) it will always be in catchup mode with the latest and greatest fake techniques


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Hello? If all those jobs go to AGI, how are people supposed to support themselves? You will have a massive shift from taxable income (people working) to companies having additional profits and paying less tax on those profits. Basically, corporations getting richer and government and people getting poorer.

The thing is that UBI is not the answer either. Work generates income but also gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. A society paid to sit on an apartment watching tiktok videos will collapse quickly, UBI or no UBI.


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The philanthropy done by Bill Gates and the likes is mostly about lifting people out of poverty and reduce mortality in 3rd world countries. They fund vaccine research, safer nuclear energy research, eradicate preventable diseases and other things such as developing waterless toilets for where there are none today. All very worthy causes which better the lives of millions of people. What he DOESNT do, is pay people a UBI and its unlikely to happen. Why would we depend on billionaires to do this?

This is a government issue, perhaps even a UN issue, given the global scale.

The thing is that if AGI is not taxed (or some other means to fund UBI), society will semi-collapse. Yeah, the big tech companies will make a ton of money initially but if no one can afford to buy their goods and services, it will lead to a vicious cycle that will ultimately end very bad.

Again, I dont buy the analogies with other major disruptions in our history such as the industrial revolution. This affects (sooner or later) everyone. If Intelligence is the commodity being traded, no one is safe.


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No offense but I find this proposition super naïve.

AI (specially AGI) will replace jobs by the millions. Billions probably. This will further (significantly) exacerbate today's wealth gap by downgrading billions of ppl whose jobs have been replaced by AGI and making an even smaller uber-wealthy class who controls the AGIs and related tech.

Any idea of "wealth redistribution" seems ludicrous to me. Why is it not happening already? Musk, Jeff, Mark, Bill, Sergei, etc own trillions of dollars. Why aren't they redistributing now?

It is not the job of non for profit to provide UBI to the billions. No, UBI (if at all) will come from governments. Since a very large number of people will not have jobs, tax collection will drop. The answer is simple, either there's a tax on AGI or billions go into poverty. I tell you, when billions go into poverty, things dont generally end well.

Reality is that this is an unprecedented moment in our planet. I dont buy the analogy of the industrial revolution and how people adapt and find new types of jobs, etc. Yes, that will happen to some extent (benefiting very few ppl). But most people are NOT cut out or have the skills to be a AI data scientists or similar. We are literally walking into uncharted territory affecting the very foundations of our civilization. I'm not kidding or trying to dramatize things. This is unlike anything that we have ever seen and it will require a massive change in the way we structure our society, as well as a massive safety net for everyone.

Worst of all...its coming in super fast, and probably much sooner than anticipated.


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Conceptually, I understand the alignment problem and why its important. From a practical PoV however, I think this problem is completely overblown. Happy to understand why an AGI is likely to kill us all.

My main concern is really the impacts of AGI in society, corporations and the future of work. I think it will have a MASSIVE impact everywhere, in all areas, most people will not be able to re-adapt / re-learn and UBI is not going to be a viable answer.

I dont believe in utopias of AGIs working for us while we pasture, play and create art.