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Yeah, i watched the video and it is some dude talking the entire time. Not one second of the sound was in that video. Then there is a video about boats, with engines running on top, and then another that has a dude.. just talking. Not one second of the prop itself making noise compared to traditional.


LiverOfStyx t1_j658u7u wrote

I said the whole area is just a black void.. there are dozens of them missing within.. 100km^(2)

So, more than one, more than few and yes: if the miss that much on that one area, how much more are they missing?


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Not even close to accurate. I know one road that is missing and how perfect it would be for rallying. My family owns a share of that road and government pays for the upkeeping and maintenance cause it is quite neat way to shortcut between two highways and can handle a tank... The whole area is a black void in this map when i know it is fully of backroads that are in excellent condition. They cut thru marshlands that form natural obstacles, unless you use those roads...