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Well if you are already on a wait list maybe consider seeing a myofuntional therapist in the meantime - they often have a network of airway focused dental professionals and ents that take it more seriously, you might get info that is helpful. Maybe start with looking up the website for the breathe institute, lots of info and a list of professionals in your area that have focused on this area of study. Good luck!


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Look into UARS, sometimes called “skinny women sleep apnea.” And yes get a sleep study, but know that it may present differently on the study than obstructive sleep apnea. I would also consider looking into myofuntional therapy, it has been shown to improve the effectiveness of c pap machines, and is non-invasive. As a last resort people often get surgery, often called MMA surgery. If you can’t breathe through your nose for 3 mins straight start with an ENT to evaluate your airway.