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You all keep saying personal responsibility. What do you mean?? There is no "personal responsibility" on the net, its all algorythms and if the algorythm decides to show you a spoiler (wheter or not you say dont recommend) theres nothing you can do. And the "dont use social media" thing is bs. Im not going to change my way of life because someone with too much free time wants to be an asshole. All I want is no spoiler thumbnails right after something comes out, and just a quick "spoiler alert." Ppl these days seem to be so ADHD even that seems to be too much to ask.


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Joel dies at the start, and TLOU is still a game, so while spoilers could ruin stories of games, I could see myself buying a game either way even if something gets spoiled. And ppl watching their favourite streamers play a game proves nothing, because they could have already played the game (some people have A LOT of free time), or they simply don't care about the game. I know I wouldnt be upset if my little pony got spoiled for me. And even I myself might watch ending scenes of movies that im interested in, but not enough to watch it properly, like the trap scenes in saw movies because of morbid curiosity.


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>Personally I've never been bothered by spoilers, they don't add or take away from the media.

So spoilers are okay because they don't bother you? Ok. What about most the people who hate spoilers? And also did you not read what I actually said?? You even quoted it, but you didn't debunk it in any way.


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If you think that to avoid spoilers you have to get out of yt, at that point you should just not use an internet connection, because its not just YT. Its all social media. What I wanted to say is basically that surely it isn't that hard to say "spoilers btw," because just as you also said, new people are constantly playing things and I don't think it's too much work to warn people of spoilers. But im just a fool who doesnt take responsibility I guess. Curse me for suggesting people be just a weensy teensy bit more thoughtful of others. I mean this whole post got even downvoted.


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But the question is are spoilers ok? Do you think it's ok to spoil things? Id rather not live like a caveman, just because someone with too much free time feels like ruining games for others. And it doesnt matter that you tell YT to not recommend you stuff. The universe always finds a way to spoil you somehow.


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For me it's the opposite. I got an merciless never-ending barrage of spoilers for red dead redemption 2, even after telling youtube to not recommend ANYTHING related to the wild west or whatever. I actually almost never finished it because of it, and to this day I can't enjoy that game because im always reminded about how that games story was robbed from me.