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Escape velocity being irrelevant? At what point does the sheer energy needed to “winch” said camera out of the black hole’s event horizon become irrelevant? The amount of energy needed to complete said task would probably amount to more energy than humans are capable of producing on a global scale.

I get the thought “why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?” But that thought is almost always coincided with complete lack of education on the subject matter.


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I saw crazy hype from everywhere about this movie. Literally everyone was telling me how amazing it was… I finally watched it last night, and I think it was just okay. I didn’t hate it. It was entertaining, but almost a bit too weird.

It felt like a direct spoof of Inception, and The Matrix combined.

Sorry if you’re one of the many who thinks it’s the best movie ever made, I just strongly disagree. Again don’t get me wrong I enjoyed watching it. I found many scenes very funny, then others felt like they were trying too hard. Butt plugs come to mind lol.


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I loved spiders as a kid. I found them fascinating. I had many books that showed huge, close up images of spiders.

Then I saw this movie … and it created an irrational fear of spiders. I remember the very next day sitting at the table for breakfast before school. I had a very hard time just sitting still bc I thought a spider could be lurking just beneath the table or even on the underside of the table, crawling toward me as I sat there ….

It took me a very long time to get over that fear … this movie terrified me as a child