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It was the same mens sperm they were looking at when a man was obese they looked at the sperm, and after the men would lose weight they re-looked at the sperm and their were changes in the dna


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Didn’t they also prove this is true of the fathers sperm? That there were differences in the sperm of obese men versus fitter men.

It makes sense that health and lifestyle would have an impact on the fetus and then baby. Biology and evolution have always shown that genetics and state of the parents tends to factor into the offspring, which is why we have the whole “only the strong survive” thing( exceptions exist of course, as do illnesses mutations, etc.)

I don’t think any of this should be used to control women and their bodies, or pregnancies. But people who want children should also be aware of the information so they can weigh how much it matters to them. Or so they can be aware that they might be having a more complicated pregnancy/ child.