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Thanks. I think we may not do it. As someone else aluded to I’m not a bank. And if someone can’t afford something should that be my responsibility? It would be one thing if friends were asking for help with rent or necessities or something but if you can’t afford to buy a business without asking friends for money then maybe you shouldn’t buy a business


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Yea but I don’t think critical reception for the last two seasons has been as high. I’ve only watched the first two and really enjoyed them


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Nope. My comment was none of those things. The person I was responding to said they hoped the show was canceled because they didn’t like watching it. The person had no discussion about why they didn’t like the show.

If someone dislikes a show (that has only aired 7 episodes!) they are watching so much they hope it gets cancelled doesn’t it make sense they should stop watching the show and watch something they enjoy instead ?


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Yea I usually try to give shows I may be interested in based on premise 3-4 episodes to grab me assuming I’m at least mildly entertained. may watch less if I’m really not enjoying the first few.

The thing is there is just so much content to watch and other things to do not tv relayed that it doesn’t make sense to watch shows you don’t enjoy in the hope it may get better down the line