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I knew a guy named Sasha who was a rower for the Polish team. He at the 1968 Mexico City Games when they killed all those Israeli athletes. He was in the building across and could see right into the window where they were.

That said I thought the US, Canada and Mexico were supposed to apply together? They would not build new but would use existing stadiums (8 in the US, 4 in Mexico and 2 in Canada?, or something like that?)


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When I was about 10 I saved a kid who fell down a sewer and into the pipe after a heavy rain. My friends and I took off the lid and I climbed in. Then I dropped a rope down the 20' pipe and pulled the kid out. The kid didn't speak English and as soon as he got out him and his brother ran away. The cops stopped by later and patted me on the back.

Next day another kid did the same thing and he was on the news and the mayor of Los Angeles gave him a fucking medal.


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What's that George Clooney movie "The Monuments Men"? In WW2 they saved 5 million pieces of art that had been stolen by Nazis.

"Many were the product of looting by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Others had been legitimately evacuated from museums for safekeeping. Monuments Men oversaw the safeguarding, cataloguing, removal and packing of all works from all these repositories."

They had to make up all the procedures because no army had ever thought of saving cultural property in this way before.