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So gates are usually numbered by a terminal (A, B, C, etc) and a gate (1 - xx). So his gate was C3, the door through which he got on the plane. Seats in a plane are numbered by row (1 - xx), then a letter designating which seat across (A, B… usually to F or I, depending on the size of the plane). Both designators are on your ticket. He mistook his gate, C3 as being his seat, 3C.


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My last house was built in the 60’s and had shiplap behind the drywall. You might have a similar situation. Maybe take a cover plate off an outlet/switch and see if you can see behind the drywall next to the junction box.


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Also control the eccentric portion (the “down” movement). Like curls, or bench, don’t just drop the weight. Control it, keeping tension in the muscles throughout the entire range of motion.


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Usually if you start in the middle of the pay period, you’ll get paid at the next pay day. You will be paid for the entire time, including the previous period. I’ve done it several times. Some places use outdated payroll systems and you may have to wait until the NEXT payday but that’s rare. It happened to me once and I just asked them to cut me a check for the first few weeks.


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How about those who are physically active without the vaccine? Since the majority who had severe covid infections were overweight or physically frail, it would be good to see that data, too. Anecdotally, I was extremely active (weightlifting 6x a week, jujitsu 5x a week), got covid (before vaccines), and was mildly inconvenienced for a day.