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Very first sentence:

>Earlier this week, it was reported that Tesla workers in the company's Buffalo, New York Autopilot facility had sent a letter to CEO Elon Musk stating their attention to unionize.

Some bot (or semi-educated imbecile) no doubt meant to write 'intention to unionize'.

Seriously, can't they even write the salient element of the very first sentence of an article(!) correctly?

English is my third language, and even I caught this.

Tesla short sellers, former twitter censors, etc., seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel in coordinating their anti-Elon-Musk campaigns.


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The latter seems about right, or, at least, coincides with my own understanding.

But I comprehend neither the process nor the implied physics well enough to explain it any further, not without the risk of adding, due to my own conceptual errors, more confusion.

There is a 'plain English' [as it were] :) summary available.

This is probably the least nonsensical 'simple' explanation you're likely to get on it.



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That's the visual illustration of William Utermohlen's descent into dementia. The effects of the degenerative disease seem to parallel the post-WWII devolution of post WWII 'Art'. Certain influential art dealers seem to have decided to promote artlessness, stupidity, primitivism and ugliness, steering thus 'Western'/European Art into complete meaninglessness. And, for some unfathomable reason, we let them do this!