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Lmao Houston rents have been skyrocketing for more than a decade.

My college apartment that I paid $200 a month for in 2006 is listed now for l 2k a month and it still looks like the windows don't close all the way. You can find cheap rent in Katy or Clear Lake but that's like saying you can find cheap rent in Allentown.


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Yeah, if there's waste and graft, it's in no show jobs and management consultants. The guys on location are there for a reason. I don't know shit about track replacement, but I'd imagine some of those guys are keeping eyes on a specific point to make sure that track comes down properly, and then as soon as it's down each has a job to do so they can get to the next one as fast as practicable.


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A couple late nights I've gotten away with knocking on the windows of cars with tlc plates and offering them 40-50 bucks cash for a ride to jersey. A lot of the drivers live in jersey and have the NY tlc plates and will be fishing for a fare that takes them across the river.


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Lmao no its not. It's a feature of the model but it's not the entire model. All of those library systems that have pick up/drop off services also invest heavily in their main campus and branches.

You're just parroting shit you heard in a TedX talk from a some asshole who wants to turn libraries into a business.