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It’s like the programs are engineered to actually not help anyone unless you have a very specific situation. Basically you have to be a high earner and can afford to buy over the asking price or living below the poverty level in which case the program works just fine for you. I honestly think the limit on personal savings is downright irresponsible of them. There’s alot of shit that can go wrong and need repair when buying a house so for them to disqualify people for building up their savings is asinine.


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The programs are a joke, in my town the figures needed to qualify for the program are basically poverty wages and they also check your bank accounts. Oh you make above the threshold and have ok not great savings which means you don’t qualify at all, good luck to the middle class in this state.


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It’s like the people in charge said “how can we line our pockets without making it seem like we’re stealing?”

The answer is corruption and pocketing the funds by money laundering through an ugly statue that “costs” 10mil

Edit: I hope this monstrosity wasn’t made with tax payer funds