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I understand what you’re saying. I actually had my house for sale before I rented it. No body wants to buy, even the renter I offer to sell at a much cheaper mortgage rate than the rent, they weren’t interested.

That’s true of where I’m renting now. I can buy for a cheaper note but I don’t want to. I think only allowing home ownership is exclusionary. Good luck getting in west Howard county schools with bad credit or without a mortgage.


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I don’t want to own where I work. I’ll stay here as long as needed for my career to develop. Everyone’s situation isn’t stable enough to just make long term investments such as home purchases in every scenario. In some scenarios it’s better to rent and let the land lord who knows how to pay taxes, where the most reliable contractors are, etc take those services. It’s more than just paying a bank note to owning a home.


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That’s not true, I think rent to own is something valuable. It give those time to build credit where they would otherwise be homeless. I don’t think people who can’t qualify for home loans deserve to be homeless. Sometimes tenants just need time to build credit or need to test an area to know if they want to make a 30 year investment in an area. It’s kind of elitist to think renters don’t deserve housing.

I rent because it’s near my job. To deny me housing near my job because I’m not sure where my next job will be is unfair to those who rely on a paycheck and actually work.

Maybe in a few years, I’ll by but I shouldn’t be denied housing because I’m not ready for ownership in the area.


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I voted for term limits and what I’d prefer is 2 terms with a new official for the 3rd. During the 4th term the previous incumbent can win his seat back now that the city has a true comp. With this new head to head you can earn your pension.

If mosby really cared what the people think of his pensions he’d would ask the people instead of voting to enrich his colleagues with a rushed bill.

You may disagree but this notion that mosby is assuming this is what the people who want term limits wants is purposefully dishonest. I get it, you don’t like term limits which is all the more reason you shouldn’t interpret the intentions of the majority who do.


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I saw a group of 12ish year olds harassing (pushing and pulling hair) of small group girls. After watching it a minute and seeing it wasn’t self resolving. I walked up to the group.

The young girls found this as their chance to escape. I asked if they were ok. They said yes and thanked me for intervening.

I approached them. Asked them why they pulling her hair and told him to respect women. He lied and said he wasn’t doing anything and proceeded to follow the girls. One of the boys tried to convince the boys to go away from the trouble. But he was over ruled and followed after the boys looking for trouble.

I circled the block to see if the girls were safe but kind of lost them.

My girlfriend asked why I brought a weapon they were a bunch of middle schoolers. These are aggressive boys and they were going to take this lecture in treating people and I was going to walk away unscathed is why I took a weapon.

But if you didn’t have any protection and out numbered, you did the right thing. Give them your phone.

Track the phone and find then later. Try to find someone who will let you call the police and log into your phone finder. Do it quickly before they turn it off. If they turn it off immediately set up notification so you’re alerted when it’s back online and then reach officers to investigate the location.


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I’m hoping Torrence rebounds and climbs a few notches up the rank. He’s been out the game and is a rookie so there’s still time to develop. Not sure how effective anecdotals and narratives are in session. Mostly baltimore is seen as a city of complainers and that tone falls on deaf ears.

I’m hearing porter is suppose to be introducing some effective bills, I won’t hold my breathe. I think her friends in pigtown will be drafting for her or she’ll continue to co sponsored bills.


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Tbf a few people wants the political sphere to be a gentleman club. Costello, Conway, mosby, bullock (though not widely excepted in it), Antonio hayes, etc.

They’ll attend events drink a little more than other politicians and soak the reality of their position.


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Baltimore is a city where politics move fast. If you want to see where you shake out politically, economically, or socially it won’t take long here. Look at how our states attorney propels into nation spotlight (although her policies were a National failure), Rawlings getting High profile positions after her departure, O’Malley getting governors seat (later failed presidential run).

It’s a city with high mobility , except for the underskilled and undereducated (which is true anywhere). A lot people come here and get propelled into relevance. Unlike nearby jurisdictions where talented is overlooked.

Be careful politicians are dropping like kings in this city too. Federal prosecutors know the fast climb exposes white collar crime and there’s plenty of it.


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Reply to comment by Douseigh in Ranking city council by LongjumpingShot

Ramos grandstanding, there’s brief moments of her being triggered by some arguable disrespect and she’s certainly not the type to curl over undefended. I cautious the generalization of grandstanding as I don’t read her motivations as seeking attention.

As Dorsey, he’s certainly high on my list just not the highest.


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To be fair, all of those who voted in favor of the bill is ranked higher. He’s just ranked best of the worse. He has some accomplishments (Airbnb bill, Grubhub bill, etc. ) and is more responsive than the average Council member.