Longjumping_Ask_4911 t1_j6kvlzz wrote

> You don't know whether either punch was provoked or not

Did you watch the video? Hard to say a sucker punch is provoked.

> I would assume that if you follow someone out of an establishment to confront them with implied confrontation/violence that is not defending yourself. That person is looking for a confrontation and they responded with deadly force

The dude got escorted out of the bar by security. How are you going to argue he followed someone out?


Longjumping_Ask_4911 t1_j6kqjw2 wrote

Clearly not, this is obviously stand your ground.

"Residents have a right to defend themselves from attack anywhere. A citizen should not be required to retreat from a place they have a legal right to be. "


Like I said, don't throw the punch, this never happens.


Longjumping_Ask_4911 t1_j6kp7cr wrote

You can't force someone to punch you. Regardless of what happened before, as soon as that dude threw the punch he was at fault. Seems pretty simple, don't act like an animal, don't throw a punch over words, then this doesn't happen. Anyone who thinks otherwise has a different agenda. I feel bad for the guy whose going to get shit because some little napoleon threw what appears to be two sucker punches.