LookAtThesePericles t1_jd9cp83 wrote

If anybody still needed any more reason to quit FB and IG, this should have been an absolute wake up call.

He presumably still works there and probably will for some time. There are likely others like him.

Also wait until you guys realize how many of the most populated subreddits are moderated by the same mods that also "moderate" dozens if not hundreds of other subs. Reddit is broken as well.


LookAtThesePericles t1_jd2jsx4 wrote

The crazy /r/massachusetts moderator just added a couple "powermods" from the needamod thread.

So now there's not only the crazy mod, but one powermod that mods 60+ subreddits and another that mods like 40+ mostly porn subreddits.

The Massachusetts subreddit is being actively ruined by this guy.

EDIT: those mods have been removed as per the original moderator. phew.