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Why is it have to be “what about or but also these guys” some people don’t deserve to continue getting a chance to enjoy this life. There’s many other scenarios too where if it’s verified that the punishment should be given to them. If this person goes to jail he’ll be given opportunity to eat sleep interact potentially have fun and enjoy himself etc


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So if you keep them in prison aren’t they guilty? Or wouldn’t that highlight a flaw in the justice system that needs to be fixed so only guilty people are in prison because our rights say you are innocent until proven guilty. And also why would execution be more expensive than keeping them housing and feeding them for the rest of their life when an execution would put an end to that? It shows that there is a major problem with how executions are done.


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I didn’t fail to acknowledge anything in fact you seem to fail to acknowledge that any people can be good or bad and having tenets does not mean that they always adhere to them each person individually can be very different from one another regardless of their religion


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Maybe if you had the mental capacity to realize why people do mass killing. An evil person doesn’t care if guns are legal or not they’ll use anything they can like a car or knifes or even their fists it doesn’t matter. Our 2nd amendment gives us a chance against these people especially for older people who can’t win a physical fight they can rely on a firearm to protect them.