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Really interesting that there is an innate reaction to "happy" or "sad" music. I wonder if this was done with a larger pool of children would you find variances and over time would the variances begin to accumulate across the years.

Also if babies are found that react differently to music would that reveal if there are predisposed to any number of neurodivergencies in the future.


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I'm actually surprised a bacterium hasn't evolved the ability to digest plastic en masse yet. I believe they've found some rare bacteria with the ability but it will be interesting if that gene becomes commonplace. Imagine a world where plastics can rot just like everything else.


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Basically the rate at which Black Americans died from Covid remained consistent across the pandemic.

Instead the rate at which White Americans died from Covid increased, specifically because White Americans who expressed less to no concern about the pandemic ,ie Republicans, were more likely due from Covid from their lack of preventative action and lack of Republican state action.

They conclude that there still was racial disparity between Black Democrats and White Democrats dying from Covid, but polarization of no-concern to high-concern (and extrapolating vaccination, masking, social distancing) was more likely to affect Covid mortality rates than race.

So essentially the Republicans played themselves, and now we have statistical proof.