Lorraine527 t1_jeejepg wrote

Why should IT admin be safe ?

Microsfot is going to sell windows 365 online licenses based on security and fast AI based support. Most common support problems will be automated.

Nile by ex cisco CEO is selling automated AI based networks.

Probably what's gonna be left is some hardware troubleshooting.


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I think driving and radiology are high-risk fields and protected by regulation , and also, they are only 90% solved. So they are not deployed, rightfully so.

But there are many fields where being 90% solved(and maybe getting a little help from a human) is useful enough to be deployed.


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As for when? There are many startups working on automated data entry, customer support, accounting/finance, robotic process automation,writing and many other office related tasks - an of course many jobs like accounting, supply chain management and many others.

A lot of it is relatively new, some of it just became possible because of AI.

So it's just a matter of time.