Losmpa t1_ivfl82a wrote

I actually live in this municipality. I had an instinctive distrust when she was running to get elected, and despite that I was still shocked at the brazenness of her criminal acts.

This municipality is confounding, as there are stretches of waterfront property sitting vacant year after year, when other similarly situated municipalities are prospering.

Here I’ll spell it out to be clear - several “causeways” connect Miami (the mainland) to Miami Beach (a barrier island) and this one appears ready for restaurants, a boardwalk and transformation into a cool place to go, but the municipally management seems questionably competent.

For two little islands with a population of about 3500 people, we have an excessive number of police vehicles, each optioned to the maximum, a police boat, and more seemingly misplaced expenditures. Great waterfront lots are vacant. It makes you question why south beach has abundant sidewalk cafes, shops and businesses, and then when you travel a bit north to north beach and north bay village, much it remains in a sorry state. Okay, that sidetracked a bit, but the village commissioners are of questionable competence, to be sure. Good bye and good luck, Ms. Stout.