LostFireHorse t1_j263uik wrote

No no no, you can't just suddenly make at least one of them look and sound like her falling into a lesbian relationship. goes and takes a very cold shower

Yelling from the bathroom: "^^^THIS ^^^ISN'T ^^^HELPING!! ^^^I'LL ^^^BE ^^^IN ^^^MY ^^^BUNK "


LostFireHorse t1_itz5ma3 wrote

I vaguely remember a creme egg something but I'm not sure if it was a pie, mcflurry, or maybe both. The apple and custard one was soooo good but I havent seen them do it for years. Like my other favourite promo items it seems to be a one-and-done, never to be seen again. Like the El Maco. Actually I think they've brought that back once in 20 years, maybe I'll get another one in my 60s lol (I'm in my 40s now).