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I would normally tell you Harvey’s in union market, but I bought their last two this morning. They have a huge variety of birds right now and I heard them say they have a lot of geese still available. Typically Harvey’s has duck year round though.


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I understand how these shows are structured when it comes to risk and from my experience that “chunk of money” is small compared to getting on the stage.

And I completely agree with you about canceling this show because Beck dropped out. You seem to have it out for AF and maybe rightfully show, I have no idea the details of these allegations. But I think we agree this isn’t going to work out for these folks.

Good luck out there


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Ya I feel you, but arcade fire is still touring, still running a business. They don’t think they should cancel the tour clearly, so why would they refund tickets. A pretty major act dropped off the bill and obviously there was a disagreement between the bands on what to do. You’re not gunna get a refund from people who don’t think they did anything wrong.

While I agree with your sentiment, would that even matter? Like what if LiveNation just told arcade fire to fuck off? What leverage would they have? Refusal to play LiveNation venues and working with TM? Good luck with that EDIT: no they aren’t going to make the band play at gun point, but the band isn’t going to get paid if they don’t play either, it’s a business.

With the other comments about people having a rescheduled show and can’t get a refund, I could see this working. Offering refunds to those who want them and rerelease them for the new date.

I totally agree with your sentiment and I’m the first one to say support artist who respect their fans, but from the arcade for perspective they sold tickets to a show they are still going to play, it’s not their problem Beck dropped off the bill.


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While I totally agree with you, be very careful while doing this (especially buying tickets this way). There are a ton of scammers out there that will send you bogus venmo charges and take the tickets and run. Make sure they are a real person, who seems like they might like the band in real life.

There’s also an app called Cash or Trade that started in the jame band community. It’s a safe way to buy, sell, trade face value tickets. Not sure if there’s a ton of action on it for arcade fire, but it’s guaranteed safe.