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I moved from CT to Atlanta a number of years ago, partly due to the weather. I found the Atlanta climate to be quite nice. Days are longer in winter. And it ends pretty quickly. Spring comes early and is often quite warm. Summers can be hot, but are a lot milder than Florida. Eventually, I moved back due to my job situation, not the weather.


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Actually reading the article, the writer gets it all wrong. The movie is based on gatekeeping which was huge before the internet. In essence, gatekeeping was a process where a handful of people could make your career / make you famous / etc. Think Harvey Weinstein in the 90s. With the rise of the internet, people don't need gatekeepers anymore. If you are a model, you just go out and gain followers on instagram, etc.


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Yes, to me, the answer would be a new team and arena in Stamford (adjacent to the train station). It would be pretty convenient for people from Fairfield, Westchester, and New Haven counties. That’s basically 3 million people. It would also be easy for fans from NY, Boston, and DC to see away games…


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But even parts of Europe were colonized. For example, Latvia was one of the last parts of Europe to become Christian. Germans conducted a series of crusades to conquer the people, and established a ruling structure over the indigenous people there for centuries that resembled later colonies all over the world.