LotteryLooser t1_jdr66bn wrote

"'Look, I’m only paid to patrol this mall at night, not to settle turf wars going on between the damn mannequins!'" The man in white said.

I had never been so intrigued by a mall. Now, as a detective, I must see what's going on. I took my flashlight out to see the said mannequins. My eyes were met with a bunch of tall plastic figures about 5 inches taller than I.

'Well, sir- I hate to say this but- there is nothing going on. Mind showing me the security cameras?' I asked, carefree.

'Of course, it's right this way, follow me.' The man in white replied.

He lead me to the cameras, a dark room with monitors all around. I had to take a closer look, but that's when I realized that the man in white had a mask on. It looked as if he was punching and kicking the mannequins.

I turned around, to ask him something, but he was gone. I had to go find him. But that's when I felt a hit onto the back of my head. Was is a bat? Crowbar? I don't know... but, the next thing I knew is when I woke up, I saw the man, he was pacing back and forth in his mannequin outfit.

That's when it hit me, the mannequin killer. I had to get out, I hit my panic button that my agency gave me. But, the man knew I was awake now. He turned to me.

'Ah, so the pretty one is awake? Well, how was your sleep, dear?' He asked.

My mouth was taped, my hands were tied but my legs were free, I used the wall to stand up, and I kicked him into a nearby table. That's when you guys showed up. My head hurt, so perhaps I was hallucinating.. But, it felt all real, sir." I told the cop who was getting my side of the story.

They had finally caught him.. The Mannequin Killer. But now, I was laying in a hospital bed wondering, "what if I were someone else?"