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Tourism as it exists today isn't the only way it could work. Pretending like i said no tourism ever then posting your unhinged rant when i said the current system doesn't work well is crazy.

You've gotta be a bot or a bad faith actor, you put this together super fast

You posted all that stuff about money troubles in Hawaii but that's all stuff that is happening under the current system. It's more a statement that tourism isn't bringing the financial relief it claims just like i said.

Because everything you posted about all happened under the current exploitative tourist system


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Kind of, because people tell us all how were so stupid and don't have any water but it's all because corporations and large agriculture have robbed and ruined our natural resources and we are locked in a death battle with them ...

People will be like shame on the people... Who collectively use 8% of all the water in the state...

You get sick of ignorant people telling you that you're life is stupid when it's not


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Not really. This is a comment to how ignorant you are about the abundance of water in the Sonoran desert.

Arizona generates plenty of water to make Phoenix about 4x bigger than it already is.

The water shortage is because we grow outsiders lettuce and alfafa to our detriment. If we cut out those two crops which is like a nothing's to our GDP we'd cut water usage by 65% and the city would have all the water it needs.

But be another ignorant outsider telling me how things are where I'm from and see how it works out for you

Edit: total industrial and residential water usage in Phoenix valley = 18%, agriculture= 82%. Alfalfa and leafy greens grown for export represent the lions share of that 82%


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There's lots of reasons, im not Hawaiian so I'm not going to say what is and isn't okay to do on their ancestral land but i think people all just reevaluating things, like do we really need tourist dollars? Especially when the money just goes to some nameless faceless international corporation.

If my money stayed in Phoenix A+ idea, but it doesn't, and it gets tiring watching Midwest Becky come down here and get stupid for a week and tax the fuck out of the infrastructure and pretend like the damage she did is outweighed by the 45$ of taxes we got off of her


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I live in Phoenix but it's the same thing nationwide. It's really depressing having your city be treated like a drive through for out of towners to pleasure and comfort themselves in.

They do this under the guise of tourist dollars but the benefits never come back to the city. We don't ever see the new community center or high school tourist dollars bring in, because tourists don't actually bring that much money.

Just look at the Hawaiians begging people not to visit.

I don't know what the answer is but modern tourism just absolutely crushes communities. I hate it


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It's more expensive to build in general and new construction is getting ridiculously big and packed with amenities driving the price up.

That would be my guess, less organic and more like a bunch of expensive ass monsters are getting built and dropped on the market


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No. Not really. We already have prefab's and prefab panels, barely anybody uses them.

The big problem seems to be getting loans on the stuff and then finding a builder who will do the work.

As cool as it might be the scale it needs to be rolled out at is astonishingly large if you want but to have any impact at all.

Otherwise you'll have handfuls of these houses dotting the US and eventually the printing business will go out of business


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They need to build like four permanent facilities and stop moving out around the country.

Especially when it goes to an underdeveloped nation the facilities end up crumbling as they can't be supported and during the event they have to starve the populace to have enough money to throw the events