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I don't know if this is completely true but heard that "cheating" is a gray area in China in terms of culture. SO if it's down to schools or business, seems like that company had outside influence or they are so sick and tired of making cheap low quality products, someone there pulled a 180.

Edit: The only anecdotal evidence I is asking a few different students from China that go to the university.


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I noticed the quality for bath towels (for the same price) Made in India are nicer than ones made in China but other than that I don't expect great results from India (or another country for the low price/product output) knowing how massive the Chinese manufacturing system is for tech and their factory work culture.


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There is “Always” a demand to live in a nice weather, protected area vs shitty weather, bad neighborhood but the issue is about long term investment and return.

Also “nice areas” don’t want new homes or type of multi family residences built around them and created ordinances to prevent it because it ruins their home values and creates more traffic, pollution and crime.

It’s a “I was here first” mentality to make sure an area stays protected and controls a market instead of letting the market decide on its own. Like socialism for the rich with gated communities and deciding the politics of a city versus the market.


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also history, people were more fascinated in live Greek plays thousands of years ago about stories of hell and violence than watching live plays about heaven and positivity.

not much has changed except it's on your phone instead of some ancient organized play you have to go to a giant Greek/Roman colosseum in your tunic and sandals.


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Um....this is old news, historians figured that out thousands of years ago when ancient Greeks (and Christians) used to throw live plays/theater in their sandals and tunics and everyone wanted to watch all the evil and negative plays about Hell and Fire cause it grabbed everyone's attention ... the ones about heaven and positivity were boring AF.


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I remember this story of 10 self-important managers on a boat telling how to get the 1 worker to row efficiently.

The successful company has 10 people rowing the boat with 1 competent manager and wins the race.

I guess it's that time Amazon fires all the middle management. reminds of Office Space LOL