Love_My_Chevy t1_jdiinid wrote

Yeah this is where I'm at. I work a full time job and my bills are paid, house is kept up with and vehicles and pets are taken care of. Credit is good - I'm doing all my adult things.

However, I've been told I'm immature and my sense of humor isn't right for my age. I do have savings but if something big is coming, I might scrap a bit here and there because I'd rather go make memories. I don't have any kids and I'm not sure I want them. Apparently these things are wrong for 30 but I think I have a good life. I'd rather quote Spongebob and laugh at ASDF rather than be some of the sticks in the mud I've seen


Love_My_Chevy t1_it7y9me wrote

I would but it is a small business I really loved working at and has people I loved working for.

I don't want any harm to come to them or their business

Ninja edit: but what I can say is if you work in the service industry, he looks down his nose at you and acts like he should be the center of attention