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I've seen it ruled as homicide as well, when the victim of shaken baby syndrome dies of their injuries after a consider length of time. Sometimes years/decades later.

They died from their injuries caused by the act- it just was really slow at killing them.


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I have severe migraines that have neurological symptoms (like I have had a stroke). For example- I have briefly forgotten my children's names, how to tie my shoes, how to use a phone. I still have memory loss and other neurological issues (like a severe inability to do math and aphasia) even despite treatment.

Before treatment, I was getting migraines most days a month (over 25).


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For about a year, I received botox treatments for migraines. Every single time I came in to the neurologist's office for the treatment, I had to sign paperwork stating I wanted to be receive everything possible (the full code) if neccessary or they would not do the botox.

I'm guessing it's similar. A small, but slight risk of something going terribly wrong.