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I was looking at a house that’s 2 away from me that just went up for sale. In 2017 it was $217,000, now they are asking $655,000, which in this market is insane, especially for my neighborhood. It’s really insane what people think housing is worth in 5-6 years.


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Celebrated bakery is great, they’re in the stop & shop plaza next to the liquor store, it’s so fun and inviting in there, they used to be in Warwick, but not easy to find there. Perks and corks in westerly is a fun cocktail bar with a retro rock vibe. The Rathskeller is always fun, so many different vibes in the place, and during the summer, outdoor seating, bands, and frosty beers. The food (to me) was better pre-pandemic, but it’s still a good meal for the area.


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You can park along the wall, and there are about 20 or so spots along Narragansett Ave right across from the beach. There is a no parking sign about 500’ of the road but the rest is usually taken by the early riser crowd by 7-7:30. I only know because I see them while I head to work 😂


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I know the guys start early, but there is no overnight parking there, so if they show up, no shops are open, but there are cars, they know what’s up. The shops in there struggle enough, they don’t need people taking their parking spaces during the only time of year they make money.